Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies are not only driving innovations in the world of business but also influencing our everyday life , including the way we learn. More and more people are playing games now on their smart phones, alone and with family and friends. According to the Entertainment Software Association , demographic and usage data for 2014, 31% of games played on mobile devices are puzzle/ trivia games and 46% are social games. www.theesa.com

The proliferation of apps like Nike +, Fitbit, Mint, allow people to use the data collected by them to reflect and evaluate themselves and change their behaviour.

Stemming from these trends, MPS Europa’s QuizBiz is a social gamification app that allows people and organization to understand, practice and improve their knowledge and skills.

The QuizBiz solution has two components:

Game App
Players download the Game App to their mobile devices and challenge peers to a battle of knowledge on various topics. Over four rounds, both players take turns to choose a category and answer three questions, each within twenty seconds. The ping pong notifications after each round sustain the pace of the game and keep the players engaged. Points on a leaderboard motivate the players further. Game Play is measured in terms of the ACT metrics- Accuracy, Coverage and Time.

The QuizBiz engine provides cloud-based access to the UserManager module, QuestionManager Editor and QuizBizAnalytics module. These modules enable organizations to: manage users; manage categories and questions; provide detailed analytics based on the ACT metrics collected during the gameplay. The analytics can be drilled down to the user, job role, category and question levels on each of the ACT metrics, eneabling individuals and organizations to assess learning at a granular level and provide targeted interventions to personalize learning

The solution is provided as a cloud-based SaaS offering and is available in Gold or Platinum editions. The app is available for iOS and Android users and is currently available in four languages- English, German, French and Italian.