Learn while you play!

QuizBiz is a great way to increase individual and organization knowledge and skills on topics while motivating and engaging employees.
Players battle it out over four rounds of questions on their knowledge on various topics. QuizBiz provides individuals a fun way to profile their own knowledge and skills. It also serves as a good way to refresh knowledge and develop expertise in categories they choose to.

Analytics for Personalisation

With a proliferation of apps that can track everything from fitness and diet to sleep patterns, people are more familiar with using data to understand, evaluate and better their lives. With QuizBiz, individuals get a better understanding of the gaps in their knowledge. The QuizBiz game analytics enables organizations to better understand the learning profile of the organization and identify the specific areas of improvement. It also helps the organization provide a more personalized learning plan for the employees based on the profiling through the game.

Flexible Implementation:

QuizBiz is a flexible and scalable solution. With possibilities of unlimited categories and questions and the possibility to customise games for specific groups, QuizBiz offers organizations an easy way to get started with Gamification in their organization. QuizBiz can be deployed in different modes:

Registration restricted to company email addresses
Registration restricted to defined user group
Registration limited by invitation only
Registration unlimited, access to game with VIP code (only in Platinum edition)

With two options – the Gold Edition and the Platinum Edition, QuizBiz offers the best fit solution for an organization. The Gold edition offers the standard QuizBiz app with the possibility to insert the organizations logo. Players download the app from the public App Stores. The Gold edition also offers unlimited categories and questions and standard reports available and is available only on a cloud-based model.

The Platinum edition comes with customization and branding of the QuizBiz app, customized reports and customized functionalities. The Platinum edition requires dedicated hosting.


The QuizBiz Engine is hosted on Equinix, one of the global leading cloud hosters.

The data center is located in Zurich, Switzerland with the backup location at Geneva in Switzerland. Access to hardware is secured physically and by CCTV. The QuizBiz Engine Server has an SSL Certificate and all communication is SSL encrypted (HTTPS). There is no unsecured communication. The registration of users is restricted to defined email addresses and there is a two-step verification process for the players. The Application runs on Windows Server Systems (Windows 2012 Server with IIS 8) and all data is stored in SQL Server database and passwords are stored as Hash only.